TimeToPort (Trip-ML)

Get accurate and up to date vessel ETA predictions with TimeToPort

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Set the vessel you want to follow

Let us know which vessel you want to follow and what their next port of call is and we will do the rest.

Continuous Updates

We track your vessel continuously using satellite and terrestrial AIS data and calculate the ETA using our machine learning algorithm.

Get Notified when ETA changes

Receive a notification when the ETA of your vessel changes so you can respond on time.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Single Vessel



pay / vessel


€1200 / mo

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TimeToPort using machine learning to predict ETAs. We train our prediction model per port to achieve the highest accuracy ETAs. We add new ports on a regular basis. Contact us to see which ports we already support and if we can add your port.

We send you an email when the ETA for a vessel on your watch list changes. If you are using the API to follow vessels, you will be notified via the API.

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System. Vessels equipped with AIS send regular updates of their position, velocity and other vessel and voyage related data. AIS messages are pick-up by other vessels or terrestrial and satellite based receiver stations.

The accuracy of the ETAs depends on many factors. One of the major factors is the prediction horizon. A prediction for an arrival in 7 days will be less accurate than a prediction for an arrival within 24 hours.