Boost your port planning with machine learning vessel predictions

Timetoport offers you a reliable solution for long and short term predicted arrivals

The first step in port call optimisation. Predictions are based on either AIS signals from all vessels heading to your port or MMSI numbers of the vessels. The MMSI information can be provided by a Port Management System, a Port Community System or other operational system.

  • Enable port authorities and port communities to optimise planning
  • Using accurate long and short term predictions
  • Maximise the utilisation of berths, assets and people
  • Show live updates on your website
  • Connect with community systems
  • Low effort implementation

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In control

Timetoport provides accurate vessel esitmated time of arrival (ETA) predictions up to seven days ahead. This allows ports to better plan the deployment of pilots, tugs, linesmen and other service providers. The terminals and operators in a port can also optimise the use of resources such as berths, assets and people.

Save time

Users have direct access to all the information they need. Manually checking the (estimated) arrival of vessels is a thing of the past. Timetoport is also attractively priced and therefore accessible to any port.

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Your port live in 5 days

The machine learning algorithm starts predicting the arrival (ETA) of the ships to your port.

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Timetoport delivers insights for

More than 50.000 port calls per year

5 ports on different continents and more on the way

5 days before arrival, predicted ETA with a 4 hour deviation

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